Protect Crops with Intelligence from Drone Images

Skysense helps you stop plant disease and weeds before the damage is done by providing agricultural intelligence from self-flying drones.

Monitor every plant over time

Map plant stress
Spot stress before it reduces yield by monitoring near-infrared reflection of plants that is invisible to the human eye.
Find diseased plants
See diseased areas in an interactive map to eradicate the disease before it spreads to healthy plants.
Benchmark growth rate
Catch stunted growth, benchmark yield, and phenotype plants with AI-based plant counting and growth rate monitoring.

How it works

Self-Flying Drones
Drones fitted with 4K cameras and multispectral sensors fly on autopilot to map your entire farm.
Process Data using AI
State of the art machine learning processes the data to count and identify plants, weeds, diseases, and other issues.
Actionable Results
Get actionable diagnostics displayed onto an interactive map that your team uses to reduce labor and optimize work.

Count Plants

Deep learning AI is tuned to detect and count specific plant species. Count plants and weeds separately, monitor plant growth, and improve insurance claims.

Scout Diseases

Go beyond NDVI-based plant health to classify specific plant diseases. Made possible by applying AI to low-altitude drone flights. Equip the drone fleet with hyper-spectral cameras to maximize the detection accuracy.

Interact with Maps

Image-based intelligence is embedded in interactive farm maps, that the whole team uses to prioritize labor, optimize spraying, and evaluate experiments.

Monitor Health

Spot plant stress early with overlays generated from standard RGB cameras (VARI) and multispectral cameras that capture near-infrared, invisible to the human eye (NDVI).

Generate Surface Models

Improve irrigation decisions by understanding where water flows, using accurate surface models that map your field's 3D topography.

Need our expertise to solve a different problem?

Contact us to schedule a meeting and share details about your unique use case or ideas. Skysense has brought together drones, scientific imaging, and AI for the first time to revolutionize your business.

The Skysense team is excited to solve custom problems together and can take care of all the details from regulations and choice of equipment to developing fully trained deep learning algorithms with custom image annotation.

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Hosting that suits your needs

Cloud Hosting
Upload and access your flights from anywhere and share maps with your team using our cloud hosted solution.
On-site hosting and custom processing hardware for fast results that aren't delayed by internet speeds (closed beta).

The Skysense Advantage

Skysense is the first provider of crop diagnostics powered by deep learning AI in Japan.

Backed by industry-leading AI experience and significant venture capital investment, Skysense delivers innovative data solutions that assist in crop stress mapping, disease detection, weed management, irrigation management, and more.

Secure your competitive edge this growing season by using Skysense's unique technology!

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