Unlock the Future of Golf Course Management with Skysense

We re-think the way golf courses are maintained and managed by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge drone technology and artificial intelligence. Our drone-in-a-box solutions empower golf course owners to effortlessly conduct missions with near-complete automation, providing daily orthophoto imagery and maps for maintenance and management.

Why Choose Skysense?

1. Precision Beyond Compare: Our advanced drones capture high-resolution orthophoto imagery, allowing you to monitor your golf course with unprecedented detail. Identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems, ensuring pristine playing conditions.

2. Dollar Spot Disease Detection: Say goodbye to the challenges posed by dollar spot disease. Skysense employs AI algorithms to detect early signs of the disease, enabling proactive measures and targeted treatments. Protect your turf and maintain a lush, healthy green that impresses golfers year-round.

3. Fully Automated Missions: With our drone-in-a-box solutions, conducting daily missions is as simple as pressing a button. Enjoy the convenience of near-complete automation, saving time and resources while enhancing the overall efficiency of your golf course management.

4. Irrigation Efficiency Optimization: Optimize water usage and promote sustainable practices with our drone technology. Identify areas of over- or under-irrigation, ensuring that your golf course receives precisely the amount of water it needs. Improve water efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Experience the Skysense Advantage

Elevate your golf course management to new heights with Skysense. Our comprehensive solutions empower you to take control of maintenance, disease prevention, and irrigation efficiency like never before. Join the ranks of forward-thinking golf course owners who are transforming the industry.

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