AI and Digital Maps for Agriculture

Skysense helps stop plant disease and weeds before the damage is done by providing agricultural intelligence from satellites and self-flying drones.

Powered by world class tech and backed by the world's best investors & advisors

Capture, analyze, act

Full-service solutions from data acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

Data Capture

Satellite imagery to drones fitted with 4K cameras and multispectral sensors fly on autopilot to map your farm

Quickly canvas large areas and difficult terrain. See what’s more obvious from above, with a whole new perspective than feet on the ground.

Powerful Software and AI

State of the art machine learning to count, identify, measure plants, weeds, diseases, and other issues

Giving drones hundreds of human eyes, with industry expert domain-specific knowledge. Do what one human can do, but a million times faster.

Actionable Results

Actionable diagnostics with an interactive map and custom reports to reduce labor and optimize work

Cut out “search” from “search and rescue”. Field crews and GPS tractors go directly to map pins to stop disease without “search”

What's your crop type?

No matter the crop type, we have you covered.


Our industry leading solution for finding and removing male hemp plants. Skysense is the world's first provider of AI-powered crop diagnostics for hemp, working with some of America's largest and fastest growing hemp farms and CBD extractors.

Backed by an unparalleled combination of experience with hemp and AI research, we deliver innovative data solutions that assist in crop stress mapping, eradicating male plants quickly, compliant harvest planning, weed management, irrigation management, and more.

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State of the Art Hardware and Equipment

We employ the latest and greatest hardware, while also matching your farm size, budget, and requirements. Depending on budget or need for low altitude flights, we can even work with best in class consumer drones like the DJI Air 2S, with low propeller down draft, can be used indoors, and customized with 3D printed drone accessories.


From industrial drones like the Matrice 300 RTK and Mavic 3 Enterprise, to budget friendly and consumer options like the DJI Air 2S.


Ultra high-resolutions sensors like the Phase One 100MP camera, multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal and other specialized equipment.


Robots, e.g. Laser Weeder and Robotic Farm Equipment. Better purchasing decisions, integration with robots, which ones have best ROI

The Skysense Advantage

Even just 1 in 10,000 plants can massively impact crop yield costing millions of dollars in lost profit. Our fast and intelligent solutions help you find and solve problems on the farm before they grow out of control.

Reduce labor intensive work and high labor costs

Increase productivity by covering vast areas

Disease identification requires deep domain-specific knowledge

Fast turnaround times with same-day data collection and delivery of reports

Where to find us

Speak to us at some of the biggest AgTech events around the world.

FIRA World Ag Robotics Forum
White Label World Expo
NoCo Hemp Expo
Japan Drone Expo
World Agri-Tech

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