Get Labeled Data Faster

Platform to annotate data, monitor quality, and iterate processes to get labeled data faster while saving engineers time.


Data labeling & annotation

Increase labeled data and improve AI model accuracy quickly while saving your engineers time. We provide a one stop shop to create and manage labeled data. Create image annotations with automated supervision of annotators, both inside and outside the company.

Why Skysense

The Skysense advantage

Tell us your machine learning needs and we will quickly label your datasets accurately. Don't have any data? No problem, we will find and label the data you need. Our platform can store your data in the cloud or on-premise. We can restrict the cloud to one region, like Japan. Skysense is commonly needed when:

  • Your problem requires a lot of data, but you don't know where to start.
  • You have some data, but you need more to boost the accuracy of your AI models.
  • You spend too much time collecting data or labeling data accurately at scale.
  • Your data includes many incorrect labels that you need to fix to boost the accuracy of your AI models.

How it works

Easily add AI to your business

Oversee the process from uploading data, labeling it, and deploying a AI model, to iterating on the labeling guidelines and iterating on the AI model itself.

Upload Images

Securely upload unlabeled images in one step to our cloud platform or on-premise. We can also restrict the cloud to a specific region like Japan.

Label Data

Either use our self-service labeling tools, or define the labeling guidelines and order labels from our professional annotators to increase labeled data quickly.

Control Quality

Automatically evaluate annotator quality, manage feedback, and update guidelines to iteratively improve the process to achieve higher accuracy AI models.

Deploy AI Model

Deploy the trained AI model and use it in your application or export labels to use off platform. Receive AI model development consulting.


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Protect Crops with Intelligence from Drone Images. Skysense helps you stop plant disease and weeds before the damage is done by providing agricultural intelligence from self-flying drones.

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Grow quality CBD that extractors want. Increase CBD % with drone-based AI to avoid pollination, watch plant stress, and ensure compliant harvest timing.

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